Weekly Update ☆2 | Summer, Internship, Birthday

Weekly Update ☆2 | Summer, Internship, Birthday

I know, I know, it’s been forever again and a lot of things have changed, as one would anticipate. This will be the only Summer where I haven’t been to a vacation, as I’ve got an internship at Philips Lighting right after my school’s ending. Speaking of that, I simply love my internship. I simply hate it to wake up in the morning, that’s one of the many reasons why I failed most of my courses when I was a freshman, and right now, I just wake up with this feeling inside, actually wanting to step out of my warm bed into the lively office. The atmosphere, the people, everything is so welcoming and lively! Also, my best friend graduated (and I should’ve too, but more on that later), and I was like a proud mom during the entire ceremony. I basically grew up with her, and seeing her graduating from elementary, highschool and now university made me feel all chirpy, way to go Verda!


On the 19th of July, I became 22, and as meaningless as this age is, my birthday was so beautiful. My boyfriend, along with my best friend, organised a surprise birthday party, including all of my closest friends and my brother, whom I thought was at my dad’s at that day. I could help but crying, haha, it was so sentimental.


Hunger | Sam Sure
Strangers & Bad at Love | Halsey
Malibu | Miley Cyrus
When We’re High | LP
Galway Girl | Ed Sheeran
Praying | Kesha
Want You Back | HAIM
Intrigued | Nico & Vinz
In the End | Linkin Park
Non Believer | London Grammer
I Don’t Love You (I’m Just Lonely) | Junge Junge
Butterfly | Crazy Town

Tropic of Cancer | Henry Miller (and it’s meh)

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