Smoke & Mirrors

Smoke & Mirrors

Winter has officially arrived in Istanbul, with the constant down pour with the wind’s company. I’ve never been a fan of cold, though I have to admit that I enjoy having a book in one hand and a steaming cup of tea on the other, under a blanket, with the sound of rain coming outside my window. And in weathers like these, I can’t help myself to feel sorry for all of the homeless people and stray animals…
My first week in being a second grade was very good, all of my courses seem very interesting, though I have to work a lot harder for my International Relations course since I never had previous knowledge of the subject. (I’m not sadistic but rather want to do a double major with IR…) The professor also recommended tons of historical books for us, and I’ve downloaded every single one of them already. After finishing my book in hand (A Separate Peace by John Knowles) I’ll jump right into reading Shakespeare, Charles Dickens, Leo Tolstoy and Stephen Crane! (Book nerd detected.)
This is the outfit that I wore to a Leo’s Party. Yes, if everything goes well; I will join the Leos, the whole charity thing is very exciting and also for great causes; what they’re doing is really great and I’d be more than happy to join the community.

Keep on smiling,
Eda G 

Kış, İstanbul’a sürekli yağan yağmur ve ona eşlik eden rüzgarla birlikte resmen geldi çattı. Ben şahsen soğuk havaları hiç sevmemişimdir, fakat itiraf etmeliyim ki, bir elimde kitabım, bir elimde çayımla yağmurlu havalarda battaniye altında olmaktan daha keyifli bir şey de yok doğrusu. Ve böyle havalarda hep evsiz insanları ve sokak hayvanlarını düşünmeden edemiyorum…
Üniversitede ikinci senemin ilk haftası oldukça iyi geçti, tüm derslerim çok ilginç olacağa benziyor; fakat Uluslararası İlişkiler dersime diğerlerine oranla çok daha fazla çalışmam gerekecek, çünkü daha önceden bir temelim yok. (Sadist değilim, ÇAP yapmak istiyorum.) Aynı zamanda profesör, ilk derste bir ton tarihsel kitap önerdi bizlere, elimdeki A Separate Piece (John Knowles) kitabını bitirdikten sonra direkt Shakespeare, Charles Dickens, Leo Tolstoy ve Stephen Crane okumaya başlayacağım! (Kitap kurdu mu dediniz?!)
Bu kıyafet, geçen gün katıldığım bir Leo Partisi’nden. Evet, her şey güzel giderse ben de Leolara katılacağım; bütün bu vakıf olayı hem oldukça heyecan verici, hem de harika işlere vesile oluyor. Böyle bir toplulukta bulunmayı ben de çok isterim doğrusu.
Gülümsemeye devam edin,
Eda G
Eda G
  • I was actually thinking of studying economics, but somehow I’d love to study International Relations in order to maybe one day work for UN or something like that.. oh and I read you loved the hip hop course, glad you did! Lovely outfit – the clutch looks so amazing, I definitely need to get myself a similar one!

    • Economics was never an option to me as I hate everything related to Maths, but it is surely a great choice since there are tons of different opportunities that you can have after you graduate. That UN dream is something we have in common I suppose, is it possible to do a Double Major in your school as well, it’ll be a lot more work for sure but you’ll be in college once and graduate with two different diplomas! :)
      About that clutch, it was last seasons but I’m sure you can find one of these if you keep your eyes open! :)

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    • I don’t use Bloglovin’, but let’s do it via GFC! Thank you Annie! :)

  • you’re she pretty, love the outfit
    nice that youre enjoying school


    • Thanks a lot Shalay, for your nice comment :)

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    amazing photos


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    • I only use GFC+, it’s on the downer part of my blog, above my profile.

  • Great photos!! Love the shirt!!

    – Kristine B